Welcome to Globe Shares!

Go on Vacation. Make a difference!   

  More and more people around the world are getting involved in charity or volunteer activity - including people who want to do more than eat, party and shop while on vacation! Voluntourism, or doing volunteer work while traveling, is gaining in popularity every day, and is a great way to get the most out of your travel experience. Plenty of organizations offer volunteer vacations... with enormous price tags, many charging you thousands of dollars for the privilege of doing unpaid work.

  Here at Globe Shares, we believe firmly in enabling global generosity by cutting out that expensive middleman. Globe Shares does not charge its volunteers or its partners - we just help match you up with an organization that needs your help! We partner directly with organizations seeking volunteers so that you, the self-funded traveler, can do something meaningful with your trip - without paying extra to do so. If you are interested in putting some volunteer work into your travel itinerary, please contact us.

  We are a 100% volunteer staffed 501(c)(3) organization. Every penny you donate to Globe Shares is tax-deductible, and we make it a priority to minimize our operating costs. Your donations keep us afloat and make our work - and our volunteers' work in the field - possible. Almost 100% of donations go directly to our projects based on their needs (like schoolbooks or building supplies). The rest is used to meet what minimal overhead costs we do have. Please donate today!